IGA384_Class Photo_1 May 2013My Teaching Background and Philosophy

I have worked as an educator in a range of educational venues, beginning with a “classroom without walls” experience with high school students visiting Washington DC; to teacher trainings in over 20 countries; to online courses with adult learners who were human rights, humanitarian and development workers; and finally to higher education courses with graduate students in education and in public policy.   I began a non-governmental organization exclusively devoted to promoted education and training in human rights. I bring this commitment and passion to learning to every class I teach.

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I believe in education as a powerful tool in personal development and social transformation, and my teaching is based on this principle. I design my courses, trainings and mentoring around methods that involve critical self reflection, analysis of the community and world they live in, and motivation to taking action. I use a multi-disciplinary approach to help my students’ connect academic inquiries to issues they face outside of the classroom. Through my teaching and mentoring, I aim to help students come to understand themselves better as individuals, members of groups, and as contributors to society.

Courses Taught

International Perspectives on Peace and Human Rights Education

Issues and Institutions in International Education Development

Curriculum and Pedagogy in International Contexts

Citizenship Education and Latin America

Education and National Development

Monitoring and Evaluation in the NGO Sector

International Organizations, Civil Society and Peace Education

Human Rights in Education

Tools for Human Rights Practice

Human Rights-Based Programming